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  • Feb 2020
    The xtrail is perfect for my lifestyle and sport, good on gas and fits the whole family, the only draw back is the extra features like the digital screen in the center console is all in Japanese but other than that a perfect vehicle for what I do
    —Dean T, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail 4WD
  • Feb 2020
    I am in love with it, I feel like a real soccer Mum now ha ha and we can go off road in my car as well as my fiancés, it will make for better roadies :)
    —Tracey T, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 25X 4WD
  • Feb 2020
    It's a great car to drive. Lots of room and I'm really happy with it.
    —Angela H, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail 4WD
  • Feb 2020
    Smooth comfortable and excellent to drive.
    —Michelle R, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 2 AWD 4WD
  • Jan 2020
    We love it! It's so smooth and easy to drive. It handles well on the open road and has plenty grunt up the hills. There's a ton of space for when we go away with the family.
    —Mel W, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL XTT 4WD
  • Jan 2020
    I love this car. Spacious & practical for a family with kids
    —Jodie R, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 20 XTT AWD
  • Jan 2020
    Excellent condition, neat and clean.
    —Pregasen P, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail
  • Jan 2020
    Awesome all round vehicle. Great storage and more than enough room for the family, 2 legged and 4.
    —Rhiannon C, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 20XTT 4WD
  • Jan 2020
    very good vehicle the wife loves it
    —Robert B, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail 20Xtt 4WD
  • Jan 2020
    Really comfortable vehicle, easy to drive and it provides a very comfortable drive. The only thing is getting used to the CVT whine that the transmission sometimes produces. It's a thing, and if you've not experienced it before it can be off putting the first few times you hear it. You can't hear it when the car stereo is one.
    —Neal J, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail
  • Dec 2019
    I think, as of now everything is good. We are comfortable and safe to drive travel around. Also have peace of mind.
    —Joel C, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 20 GT 4WD Diesel
  • Dec 2019
    X trail is a robust vehicle with good ground clearance that I need for my work that requires me to be off road on farms. Also because of its upright structure I have good visibility as I have no sight in my left eye.
    —David F, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 2.5 ST-L 4WD
  • Nov 2019
    Solid spacious vehicle. Good on petrol.
    —NICHOLAS C, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail 20X 4WD Wagon
  • Nov 2019
    We wanted a good reliable vehicle and got what we wanted!
    —Warren Q, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 20XTT
  • Nov 2019
    I required a 4WD capable vehicle to suit my lifestyle. I have in the past and at present own and drive other Nissan 4WD's. I was very impressed with the presentation of the vehicle and already have traveled 1500km in the first week of ownership. I am very happy with the vehicle. I have found Nissan to be a good value for money vehicle and reliable.
    —Graeme M, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail
  • Nov 2019
    —Andres S, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 20X 4WD 2.0L AUTO
  • Nov 2019
    Tthe vehicle met all the requirements that we were looking for. Safety, visibility, towing capacity (to allow for boat) 4x4 for ski field use, space for outdoor (climbing) equipment, reliability, standard parts and ease of maintenance, appearance and cost. NZ installed audio/Bluetooth componentry (don't have to deal with everything in Japanese)
    —John B, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail 25X 4WD
  • Nov 2019
    A very economical SUV, roomy and smart.
    —robert B, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail
  • Oct 2019
    I am very happy with my purchase
    —Clint A, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-Trail
  • Sep 2019
    Very nice to drive,economical
    —Bzymen Freight & Trucking CO Limited, christchurch - 2010 Nissan X-TRAIL 2.0 GT
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